Nashville. Music City.

Nashville may not have been the place where stars were born but it is certainly the city where musicians go to be discovered, to build their career and to have a good time. Rightly recognised as the home of Country Music, you’d be doing the city, and yourself, a massive disservice if you thought it was only a place for country music.

This is a thriving and bustling city in Tennessee which gives you everything you could want from a major area. If you are passionate about music, nightlife and not being bored, take the time to visit Nashville…or at least check out what we have to say about the place that has been dubbed #ItCity, and not just ironically.

Nashville skyline

It is not as if Nashville has needed a boost to its tourism industry but it certainly got a massive shot in the arm with the hit TV show named after the city. Now marching towards a 5th season, with a TV company found minutes away from some of the most important venues in country music, it’s a show that has introduced a whole new audience to what the city has to offer.

Is it a soap opera style show that will turn off as many people (if not more) than it delights? Absolutely. Will it have musicians tearing their hair out at the number of opportunities that fall into the laps of the singer-songwriters and performers? Of course it will. Have some residents complained about the impact on the city or the false impression it gives about their area? C’mon, no matter the positive impact, there will always be people moaning.

The thing is, for all the criticisms you make about Nashville, there are more than enough great things to keep you coming back. The songs and the performances. When you have these two aspects, you can make a good TV show about music (well, partly about music and a lot more about relationships). Add in some fantastic settings and locations, and it’s easy to see why the show has picked up an audience around the world.


For some people, Broadway will be all that they need to see from a trip to Music City. With bars offering up alcohol and performers from 11am all the way through to the early hours of the next day, no matter what sort of time you like to socialise or watch live music, there’ll be something that is right for your needs.


Then again, it’s not just country music. Jack White and Third Man Records can be found in the city, the Kings of Leon call Nashville home and a wide range of music venues give you the chance to enjoy all manner of music when you’re in town. If you were labouring under the impression that Nashville served up just two kinds of music – Country & Western – be prepared fomr some great news.

East Nashville

Some of our favourite places in Nashville include:
The Country Music Hall of Fame
Johnny Cash Museum
The Bluebird Cafe
The Ryman Auditorium
The craft breweries

I Believe In Nashville

We’ve also got some pieces devoted to the TV show as well, so if your interest in Nashville is based on the antics of Rayna James, Juliette Barnes, Deacon Claybourne, Scarlett, Gunnar, Avery, Will and the rest of the characters, we’ve got you covered:

The Music of Nashville
Locations from Nashville TV show

Goo Goo Nasvhille

Nashville Music City