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The only thing we know how to do is to keep on keeping on…

Hi there, thanks for making your way to the Drone Publishing site. We like music, we like writing about music and we like talking about music. That pretty much covers it…if you want to know anymore, get in touch.

We have a podcast, and we’ll provide links to these below:
Drone On 001 – Join us for music by The Kills, Kraftwerk The Van T’s, Bill Ryder-Jones and Julian Casablancas serving up cover versions and a song produced by George Martin.
Drone On 002 – The second episode of our podcast sees us talking about country stars old and new, punk rockers who should know better and a band that keeps on rolling thorugh a variety of styles and genres. The Beach Boys see us out in style.
Drone On 003 – The third episode sees us coming down from an Easter sugar-rush, being rather giddy about the return of LCD Soundsystem, banging the drum for Man of Moon and remembering Phife Dawg.
Drone On 004 – The fourth episode is a special episode, featuring artists born in 1946. It’s a tribute to my dad who celebrated his 70th birthday on 2nd of April 2016!
Drone On 005 – The fifth epsiode of our increasingly popular (wait, is popular the word?) podcast features Hot Club de Paris, Parquet Courts, Super Furry Animals and St Judes Infirmary while we remember Howard Marks.

Also, from this page, you can jump off and catch up on what we think about some of our favourite bands, songs and albums.

The Velvet Underground
Why I love The Velvet Underground
Velvet Underground Top 10
The Best Of The Rest
The Velvet Underground Leftovers
The Velvet Underground Cover Versions

The Beatles
You have to love the Fab Four
The Beatles Covers
And Those Birds Can Sing
The Flip Side Of The Beatles
The Best of The Beatles
Revolver at 50
Paperback Writer and Rain
Covers Here, There and Everywhere

Neil Young
Happy 70th Birthday Neil

Bob Dylan
Do Look Back
Bob Dylan Covers
Influenced By & Influence On

And remember, Drone…Not Drones.

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