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Tinseltown in the rain…and the wind…and the rain again

While the 6Music Festival clashed with the launch of State Broadcasters third album, this major event isn’t the only musical mayhem heading to Glasgow this year. No matter the day of the week or the month of the year, there will always be some music to enjoy in Glasgow but the TRNSMT and May West festivals are likely to draw in a lot of fans from outside of the city.

As part of our State Broadcasters weekend, we caught up with Pete from the band and we asked him about some of his favourite places in Glasgow. We’d suggest that these are the places you should seek out in the city but Pete may not thank us for that. (So check them out but don’t tell him we sent you *taps nose twice*)

Take it away Pete…

Best place to drink: The Laurieston, The State Bar, The Old Toll Bar, Glad Cafe, The Doublet (sorry, that’s not that concise. It’s hard to pick a favourite.)

Best place to dine: Malaga Tapas, Ranjit’s Kitchen, The Banana Leaf

Best place to dance: Any basement with great music. I’ve had some great nights at Blackfriars over the years.

Any areas to avoid: Most of Sauchiehall Street, with the notable exceptions of CCA, Broadcast and Sleazy’s.

Best gig you’ve seen in Glasgow: Paul Buchanan of the Blue Nile at the concert hall in 2006 was very special.  As is any time Springsteen is in town.  Bob Dylan at Barrowlands in 2004 was wonderful as well, he seemed to be having a blast, which is probably not something you could say too often at his gigs.

Best gig you’ve played in Glasgow: Our album launch for Ghosts We Must Carry was probably the best night I’ve ever had playing music.

Favourite gig venue you’ve played in: I have a major soft spot for the venue that is now The Hug And Pint. That room in its various incarnations has been a pretty major part of our time playing gigs, pretty much from day 1.  The Tron Theatre was lovely too.

Favourite gig venue to watch a band in: Barrowlands.  Everyone says that, surely.

Favourite record shop in the city: For new records it’s definitely Monorail.  For Second Hand I’d say Mixed Up Records.

If you could have a pint/coffee/water with any famous Glaswegian (standard living or dead, name an era, caveats apply) – who would it be, where would you meet and why are you choosing them?  I feel so conflicted about the idea of meeting heroes.  I wouldn’t know what to say, and be all awkward and blush and mix up my words.  Though if we’re going to pretend that I’d be a sparkling wit and they’d actually want to be there, Ivor Cutler in the 70s for a cup of tea would be quite something.  If you’d like a less twee choice, it’d be incredible to have met someone like Keir Hardie or Robert Louis Stevenson

One place that tourists won’t be told about in guides but should probably visit: I love the Sharmanka exhibition at the Trongate.  It’s wonderful. Dark and eccentric and really unique.

One place that tourists are ALWAYS told about in guides but should probably avoid: I’m not sure what tourists are always told about… I’m not a huge fan of the city centre generally, but there’s some gems in there and some beautiful architechture.  I think there’s always something worth visiting in most parts of the city.

To read our interview with the State Broadcasters about their third album – A Different Past – click the link.

To hear Pete from State Broadcasters talk about their new music, old music and the bands that mattered, head to this page on Drone Publishing.

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