2016 Year End Round-Up

Now That’s What I Call The Dubcentral Winter Collection…

Christmas…it’s for the kids and it should follow tradition. These are two things that lie at the heart of the Dubcentral Winter Collection – a festive tradition that has been running for more years than most of us would care to admit or remember.

Dubcentral Winter Collection 2016

Mix tapes and mix CDs may have given way to playlists and streamed files….but it doesn’t really matter how you receive the music, it’s the music that matters. If you want to keep in touch with Dubcentral’s musical thoughts, he can be found on Twitter at Dubcentral.

We’ve created the collection on Spotify but there are two absences…which we have included for you here.

The Chemistry Set – Albert Hoffman

Vin Gordon – Steady Beat

Dubcentral Winter Collection 2016

Here is the (near enough complete) Dubcentral Winter Collection for 2016:

2016 Music Review

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