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A look back on our night for Book Week Scotland

At Drone Publishing, we are very pleased to say that we were involved with Book Week Scotland for 2015. This was a week-long series of events that had something for everyone. Hopefully the week was a success and that a lot of people got a lot out of it.

We’ve obviously got a passion for books and our focus falls on music books. This isn’t to say that we don’t have an interest in other types of books but collectively, our focus is on music and it is no surprise that that this was what our event was based on.

We had authors doing readings from their books, we have discussions about albums and the state of music, we had some great tunes curated by our DJ and we even had live music.

On that note, here is a recording of The Bookends with the song that opened the evening, a cover of Planet Earth by Duran Duran.

After two songs from the band, the first author to get on stage and chat was David Redford. David is the author of Drone 005: Pop 365 a book that focuses on the album, reviewing the best albums from the 1940s onwards to the present day. David was involved in a Q&A and we got the inside story on why he was so keen to pop into the Savoy Centre when he was in Glasgow.

No, he didn’t need keys cut or wanted to pick up a pound of mince….the Savoy Centre was actually the epicentre of the folk world for three weeks in the 1960s, and this is just one of the many stories that are expanded upon in Pop 365.

David Redford

Up next was Chris Dolan who gave us a passionate reading of an article he wrote about John Lennon, detailing the fact that the most revolutionary songs of all time came not in the 1960s, but in the 1970s. Chris argues that Lennon was at its most reactionary in this period, standing at odds with the perceived notion that many people lose their fire and anger when they make their money.

We managed to record Chris’ talk on John Lennon, so we’ve buckled together some images over the top of it – don’t worry too much about that, just sit back and enjoy the talk.

Chris Dolan

We started the evening with a Duran Duran cover and up next was Paul Cuddihy, the author of Drone 004: As Easy As A Nuclear War – Short Stories Inspired By Duran Duran Song titles. Paul gave us a couple of readings from his book, 3 in the first half and 2 in the second, giving us all a taste of his flair for the short story and of his love for Duran Duran.

Paul Cuddihy & Catriona Child

The Bookends returned with another track to take us into the intermission, allowing people to stretch their legs, peruse some books and get a drink.

Drone Publishing

All of the pictures featured on the page were taken by Chris Reilly, who can be found on Twitter.

The second half of the show began with another song from The Bookend before Edinburgh author Catriona Child was involved with a brief Q & A where we learned about how our love of new Scottish bands, going to gigs and finding the balance between so many important things in life. Catriona then gave us a reading from Trackman, which was well received.

Pop Goes The Writer Books

The rest of the evening was seen out with Chris Dolan and Paul Cuddihy providing further readings and then The Bookends brought the evening to a close with two sings, finishing with another Duran Duran cover, Rio.

The Bookends

The Bookends

The Bookends

The Bookends

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