Drone 005: Pop 365

Our fifth release came from David Redford and it takes on the minor challenge of taking us on a study of the best albums since the 1940s to the present day.

Drone 005: Pop 365 – Journey Through Music History via 365 Albums

Albums. Printed books. Both dying art-forms that are spluttering out their final breaths before they are driven down into the ground, only to be remembered in nostalgia laden TV shows in between Peter Kay bouncing on a space-hopper and Stewart Maconie telling us all about Vesta curries. Right? Wrong.

Well, we certainly hope it’s wrong and in Drone 005, David Redford attempts to remind you of how vital and important albums are, and of their necessary presence in modern society. The ease and convenience of downloads may have killed the album making star (not as catchy as the premise floated by Buggles but you get the meaning) but in actual fact, surely with easier access to so much music, there is a need for a sign-post to point out the essential must-have albums that have been created over the past 70 or so years.

Creating such a record (of necessary records) is a monumental task and it took someone dedicated, and possibly a touch mad, to do so. However, there are times you need heroes to step up and do what is necessary, which is exactly what David does on Pop 365. It’s an unashamedly personal journey though so many of the crucial and influential albums in David’s life but it never feels as though you are intruding into someone’s story or timeline. Pop 365 is a celebration of some of the greatest songs and albums ever made. There are so many of the most notable and noteworthy artists of all time in the book but there are also albums and artists that you’ve never heard of.


This is a large part of the point of Pop 365. It’s a journey and there are plenty of stops along the way that you may not be aware of. Collections like this are always fantastic for uncovering lost gems or picking up on something new. One of the best things about the collection is the way that David joins the dots between certain artists. If you love one artist but don’t know what to listen to next, it’s all mapped out for you here.

If Drone 002 was our opus for 2014, David Redford has claimed the title for 2015 with Drone 005: Pop 365 – Journey Through Music History via 365 Albums. So go out, enjoy it and buy some new records off the back of it but remember kids, albums, and this book, are not just for Christmas or even just this year, they’re for life.

Pop 365 – Journey Through Music History via 365 Albums is available on Amazon and you can find it right here.

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