Drone 004: As Easy As A Nuclear War

Our fourth release came from Paul Cuddihy and is a collection of short stories based on Duran Duran songs.

Drone 004: As Easy As A Nuclear War – Short Stories Inspired By Duran Duran Song titles

It is easy to forget but the term “boy band” didn’t use to be a dirty word for music lovers. It may be the term that is used to describe manufactured acts, all with the same shine and sheen that make young and teenage girls fall in love with them and pester their parents for money to buy stuff affiliated with the band but back in the day….well, back in the day, things were a bit different.

Back then, boy bands still drew the female audience and conformed to the old adage of “the boys want to be them and the girls want to be with them” but they also played and wrote their own songs. It was possible for a group of pretty boys in the flashest clothes to deliver some big choruses and meaningful songs. Yes the record labels would still push, prod and poke them in all of the expected promotional ways but back then, there at least had to be some songs in their arsenal.

DRONE 004 – As Easy As A Nuclear War - Paul Cuddihy

DRONE 004 – As Easy As A Nuclear War – Paul Cuddihy

This meant that the boys were huge fans of these groups too and for Glasgow author Paul Cuddihy, Duran Duran were the band of his youth who have stayed with him over the years. On this site we’ve been lucky enough that Paul has shared many of his memories of the early Duran Duran days and the impact the group had on him. The thing is though, the band are still going and Paul, well, he’s still a fan, giving us his insight into their comeback single of 2015.

In our page for Drone 001, we’ve already alluded to the fact that you never completely lose your first love and in Drone 004: As Easy As A Nuclear War – Short Storied Inspired By Duran Duran Song Titles, Paul shows that his love and admiration for the band is still as strong.

The great thing about this collection is that you don’t have to be a Duran Duran fan to enjoy the book. It’s a selection of short stories of varying lengths and which will evoke different emotions and reactions. If you enjoy well written stories, there will be plenty for you to enjoy. Of course, if you are a fan of the band, there’s a lot more for you to latch on to. Every member of Duran Duran features in their own individual story, and you’ll recognise a few familiar names, faces and places along the way.

We were absolutely delighted when Paul decided to work with us on this publication and we hope he realises that now he is part of the Drone family, it’s not soeasy to escape. However, if you want to escape back to the days of big hair, big shoulder pads and a little bit of lippy (cue the customary “and that was just the guys” line), Drone 004 is the book for you. At the moment, you’ll find the Kindle version available for less than £1, which would have been a great price back in the mid 80s, never mind now!

(As a site we fully accept the abuse that will come for using a DD cover of the Velvet Underground but when you take on board we are legally obliged to meet an annual quota of Edie Sedgwick content, we really had no choice…)

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