Drone 003: Primal Scream XTRMNTR

Our third release again came from Andy Reilly and focused on the blistering and brilliant XTRMNTR album by Primal Scream.

Drone 003: Primal Scream XTRMNTR

There are many phrases and statements that can be used as a compliment or an insult. If you were to say that an album was “very much of its time”, you could be making a positive or negative statement, depending on your viewpoint of the time in question. You could also be stating that the album, while sounding fresh and relevant on release, now sounds dated and tied to the era when it was released. You can definitely say that XTMNTR by Primal Scream was very much of its time, but it can only be said as a compliment.

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This album was the first great album of the new millennium and it captured the sound of Britain at the time. The Y2K bug never finished us off but given the grim and gloomy nature of everyday life at the start of the 2000s, it may be that the ones who survived the much-discussed Armageddon were the unlucky ones.

Drone 003 - Primal Scream XTRMNTR

Drone 003 – Primal Scream XTRMNTR

The third of our books focus on the era, the state of Britain and the state of Primal Scream, a band who had been up and down more often than the London Eye. The aftermath of their Give Out But Don’t Give Up release, the follow-up to their breakthrough smash Screamadelica, almost broke the band and probably wasn’t far off of leaving some members for dead. However, fuelled by the addition of Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield from The Stone Roses, the band bounced back with Vanishing Point, an album that was as startlingly unexpected as it was brutal. Of course, this album was just a warm-up to how brutal the Scream Team would become…

Even to this day, XTRMNTR is a breath-taking album that pulls no punches and certainly doesn’t apologies for its actions. 2000 was a fairly grim year in the UK with violence, attacks, celebrity deaths and Big Brother landing on our screens but in XTRMNTR, there was an album that captured the sound of chaos and confusion in the streets. For anyone that was sick to the back teeth of big business, big brands and again Big Brother (in either the TV show or the more traditional governmental surveillance suggested by George Orwell), there was a sign that some artists felt the same. Okay, the big selling artists that year in the UK were Shania Twain, Westlife and Steps but if that didn’t impress you much, there was an alternative and it said everything you ever wanted to say.

Drone 003 is a short collection, available at an affordable price. Coming after the opus that was Drone 002, there was maybe a need for something shorter, but it certainly wasn’t any lighter. For a quick overview of the times, the band, the album and the absolute mess that we seemed to sleepwalk into for the new millennium, Andy Reilly’s XTRMNTR book will take you directly back to those bewildering days.

Drone 003: Primal Scream XTRMNTR can be found on Amazon and is currently available on Kindle for the low price of 99p

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  1. Reply Brian Scott Whitehead

    I still remember when I switched stores@Tower Records in Sacramento Ca to a idea that was 2 years to late-Tower was going to let me&2 other cats create a wicked new&used record store. We were allowed to order anything we deemed groovy ya dig? Anyway I didnt know these guys that well and was more a old skate punk who ate music like it was a wet open vagina. The main dude Dan was a wacko for all noise ambient avant shite that pissed off most everybody else A TOTAL HERO to all who love LA BLUES 4real, seen? And my 1st day I spy a MASSIVE SIGN that said “PUNK ROCK 4 THE 21st CENTURY! Well that made me go hhhhmmmmzzz-i am ego about this kinda shit 4real-that statement needed my nod to stay without WAR i will play DIRT on your grave my amigo if you shove the hyperbole meter to bullshit-lucky day he had the astalweeks promo & are sound was A MOTHERFUCKER for sure its rocking killing hippies with swazi eyes and pills in the accelerator when this rumble gets my dick hard and pupils pinned sax`s noise 4 the vibe and I was offffff 2 a love supreme! That day changed me beyond words! I found my generations Clash,Stooges,Can these guys from my grannies hometown raged soothed rocked and still do I saw them last monday(7nov16-the eve of destruction) and THE KATS RIFFED SHOOT SPEED KILL LIGHT LIKE Charlie Parker on the street in 43 ya dig? these MUSICANS keep the grooves alive-LIKE TALES OF TERROR IN 83 SLAYER IN 84 Ministry in the cave club austin 87 or 88 a lotta LSD in austin then so FUCK IT LONG LIVE THE SCREAM AND FITE ON FOR TRUTH HONESTY & MUSIC WITHOUT A NAME-Long live the Scream,Sly Stone and the sonic cid heads Spacemen 3 revolution 5 seconds from the publisher 4 the 5 LATER DAYS MY COMRADS(I cant spell) SET THE PHASER 2 STUN!!!!!!!!!

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