Drone 001: Definitely Maybe

Our first release came from Andy Reilly and focused on Oasis in 1994.

Before the inevitably acrimonious split, before the stadiums, before the diminishing returns on albums, before they spawned a million of weak imitations, before a movement that has been derided like no other era-defining sound and before they broke your heart, there was a band that looked like being the last exciting rock n roll band you ever needed to hear.

There’s been awful lot of time and distance between the present day and 1994, and it is often overlooked how brilliant and necessary Oasis were at the times. Whether you were looking for something to stand apart from the grunge makers and their defeatist attitude or you had reached your limit of shite Europop and mass-market nonsense, there was a band that gave you reason to look forward.

Drone 001 looks at Oasis around the time of their debut album Definitely Maybe. Author Andy Reilly was just one of the millions of kids in the UK coming of age and looking for a band that was worth believing in. He got it, and even though his love affair with Oasis has meandered and wavered in many different ways in the last two decades, it has never really left him. You never lose your first love, as they say…

Definitely Maybe

Definitely Maybe

The book is available here or here in ebook format.

The book is a celebration of the times, of the excitement of finding a new band, seeing them play live and watch as people all around catch on and join in with the fun and the excitement. 1994 was a hell of a year and this book captures exactly how it felt to see it all unfold in front of your ears and eyes.

From seeing the band at his first ever music festival to witnessing Liam walk off-stage four songs into a set, Andy was lucky enough to have bene present for some of the big moments in 1994. The ones that he wasn’t present for, well, he was never far from his TV, radio or stereo in an attempt to stay in touch with all the latest news.

Definitely Maybe Kindle version is available from Amazon.

Andy is currently working on a follow-up to this book that looks at the intervening years and he aims to make one improvement on what Oasis did during this period. By which he means getting out after Knebworth and calling it a day long before Be Here Now and what was to follow. (Although you know, Be Here Now wasn’t THAT bad – less drugs and tighter editing and you would have had an alright album. There’s no hope for Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants though, let’s agree to never mention that again!)

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